Slava Hriadelova is a journalist, fashion project manager and she has dedicated last few years to crafting and designing original jewellery in her studio Me & Cocoon. She has collaborated with several designers including Izabela Komjati with whom she presented the collection Urban Africa at the Vienna Fashion Week 2013.

Her work is characterized by the eclecticism. She mixes antique artifacts which she discovers on her travels. In her work she loves to find unexpected connections, uncover modern context in old items and photos. The patina of her jewellery is not artificial. Each single item is unique and unreproducible. Some of her press-works are manufactured from old catalogs right in Jablonec factory with 120 years old tradition.

Me & Cocoon is exclusive not only for its artistic take on recycling, but also for the personal touch it adds to the products. In individual projects Slava works with photo-albums of her clients or recycles the family souvenirs. The jewellery from her studio is a distinct and timeless accessory, which will elevate its wearer.

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